If your security solution is operating at the same privilege level as the attacker, what advantage does it have?

JavaScript-based security operates at the same privilege level as the JavaScript-based attacks it’s meant to address, violating a basic tenet of security design. And because a JS protection library is a 3rd party in and of itself, these solutions are vulnerable to the same attacks, presenting an additional surface to attackers. To cap it all, JS-based security approaches significantly degrade website performance.

This analysis includes:

  • An overview of the flawed approach of JS-based security
  • Why code loading first is over-riding native code and an insecure practice
  • How asynchronous blocking mode is a single point of failure
  • Why JavaScript-based security cannot see or defend against third-party, Magecart-style attacks
  • How JavaScript-based security carries a significant performance penalty
  • How to switch to browser-native security to enforce security 


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