Published on April 28th, 2021
Written by Aanand Krishnan, CEO and Founder of Tala Security

Tala is incredibly excited to announce a new addition to our team. Jim Routh has joined the company as an Advisor to Tala. 


Jim is one of the true icons of the cybersecurity industry and is a cybersecurity thought leader.  Tala is lucky to leverage his expertise in driving the future of security and privacy on the web. He has a long history, spanning over 30 years, in technology and cybersecurity where he has been a leader and management consultant with companies like: MassMutual, CVS Health, AETNA, JPMorgan Chase, KPMG, DTCC, American Express and others. The awards he has received include the Santa Fe Group/Shared Assessments Lifetime Achievement Award, CSO Hall of Fame, ISE Luminary Award, SINET Impact Award, Evanta BreakAway Leadership Award, Information Security Executive of the Year Award (twice), BITS Leadership Award. 


When I asked Jim why he chose to be an advisor for Tala, Jim said, “I believe in discovering ways to use behavioral data to improve cyber resilience along with end-user privacy for enterprises.” 


Indeed, the browser has become an important battleground both for end-user security and privacy. Client-side vulnerabilities and groups like Magecart have become the single largest threat on the web. The software supply-chain security problem is the most acute on the web - an average website uses 35+ third-party sources of third-party JavaScript code. As the world moves towards a more technology-driven approach to privacy, enterprises have to monitor what data they are collecting from their users, but also who they are sharing with. The browser is one of the most significant ways in which user data is collected, and also the weakest point from a privacy violation monitoring and blocking perspective. 


Jim also understands the transformative power of Tala’s platform. He said Tala Security offers solid controls for protecting the browser and the end user regardless of the device chosen including determining what digital consumer information is used by different vendors. 


With Jim’s guidance, and with his backing, Tala is well positioned as the platform of choice to solve the most complex cybersecurity and privacy threats on the web.

Aanand Krishnan, CEO and Founder of Tala Security

Aanand Krishnan, CEO and Founder of Tala Security

Aanand Krishnan is the CEO and Founder of Tala Security. Prior to Tala, Aanand was most recently a senior director of product management at Symantec where he built Symantec’s first big data security analytics platform and led key strategy projects that helped establish the company’s vision and strategic focus. Aanand spent several years in investment banking at and mergers and acquisitions at Morgan Stanley and Dolby Labs and acted as an adviser to leading security software, semiconductor and clean tech companies. He started his career building high-speed optical networking products at Agilent Technologies. Aanand holds an MBA from Berkeley where he was a recipient of CJ White Fellowship, a Masters in Photonics and Optoelectronics from UC Santa Barbara where he was a QUEST Fellow and a Bachelors in Electrical Engineering with Honors from BITS, Pilani.

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