Prevent Website Attacks
  • Modern web architecture has led to a massive acceleration of website and app-layer attacks like magecart, XSS, session re-directs, and MITB malware.
  • These attacks target the reliance on JavaScript and privileged ‘third-party’ access.
  • Personal data & credential theft, credit card skimming attacks, significant data privacy fines, conversion rate impacts, and brand damage.
  • There has been an explosion in third-party services on e-commerce sites, which has expanded the attack surface. Tala's cloud based app behavior analysis provides a comprehensive risk assessment to help you understand the data exposure and third-party related risks on your web application and websites to prevent Magecart.

Only 2% of website operators deploy security policies capable of preventing client-side attacks.

Deploy robust and capable web security standards like CSP, SRI, HSTS & Trusted Types to ensure the end-to-end integrity of digital commerce.

Browser-native, standards-based controls yield massive performance advantages compared to alternative client-side security measures.

AI and automation accelerate the activation and accuracy of standards-based security to ensure website integrity and safeguard digital commerce.

Regulatory requirements like GDPR, CCPA, and PCI are driving client-side security adoption.