99% of websites have client-side vulnerabilities, including yours.

Tala's Web Application Runtime Protection (WARP) combines the power of standards-based security with patented analytics and automation to deliver rich insights into the code running on your website and safeguard it from attacks to prevent data theft from client-side attacks.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the demo: 

  • Learn how to protect sensitive data, enhance visibility and eliminate client-side attacks.
  • Understand why security standards like CSP, SRI and Trusted Types offer the most comprehensive, future-proof solution available today
  • Model various security approaches and learn why standards offer a superior choice and have near-zero impact on site performance or user experience.
  • Gain insights into the latest attack trends and technology advances
  • Learn how the Tala Security platform helps your team secure your website faster and smarter

What does the demo include?

Expert Advice

Dedicated one-on-one time with a Tala security analyst who will help find the best solution for your specific website security needs

Website Risk Analysis

A pre-demo, personalized website risk analysis. This is an in-depth inventory and integration analysis of your website


All of your questions about Tala functionality and capabilities answered in real-time


Protect your customer experience and protect your business with Tala - a better way to secure your website. Simply fill out the form and a Tala representative will be in touch shortly to schedule a demonstration.

Industry Recognition:









Tala protects hundreds of millions of user sessions every month


"We evaluated more than a dozen vendors and only Tala had the enterprise features and accuracy to give our team confidence in mitigating advanced attacks against our websites."



Don't wait until it's too late. Secure your website today.


Powerful web security standards like CSP, SRI, and HSTS for future-proof security


Significant performance advantages of browser-native controls


AI-powered automation for precise control and assured security


Advanced, in-depth inventory, behavioral and architectural analysis