Prevent Website Attacks. Modern web architecture has led to a massive acceleration of website and app-layer attacks like Magecart, XSS, session re-directs, and MITB malware. These attacks target the reliance on JavaScript and privileged ‘third-party’ access and lead to personal data & credential theft, credit card skimming attacks, significant data privacy fines, conversion rate impacts and brand damage. 

You may be safeguarding your website from attackers, but you're not safeguarding your customers from your website.

Deploy robust and capable web security standards like CSP, SRI, HSTS & Trusted Types to ensure the end-to-end integrity of digital commerce.

Browser-native, standards-based controls yield massive performance advantages compared to alternative client-side security measures.

AI and automation accelerate the activation and accuracy of standards-based security to ensure website integrity and safeguard digital commerce.

Regulatory requirements like GDPR, CCPA, and PCI are driving client-side security adoption.