Tala protects hundreds of millions of browser sessions every month.

Tala combines the power of standards-based security with patented analytics and automation to deliver rich insights into the code running on your website and safeguard it from attacks.

Download our Technical Overview for a deep dive into how Tala works and how we help protect the modern web from client-side attacks and more.


99% of Top Websites Provide Attackers with Access to Customer Data

This year’s Global Data Risk - 2020 State of the Web report indicates that security effectiveness against JavaScript vulnerabilities is declining, despite high-profile attacks and repeated industry warnings over the past 18 months, including the largest GDPR fine to date.

What's in the Technical Overview?

1. Comprehensive analysis & modelling of web application behavior

See how Tala uses dynamic crawling and static analysis techniques to automatically analyze enterprise web apps and extract 150+ fine-grained, security-relevant behaviors on each page to build an Application Information Model (AIM)

2. Standards-based security without the implementation challenges

One of the most important elements of Tala’s approach to protecting web apps is the use of broadly adopted, powerful web security standards. Tala eliminates the technical expertise and operational overhead required for implementing these policies to give you all the benefits without the hassles.

3. AI-powered security automation

Tala’s AI-driven engine automatically determines the most precise policies to protect your website, based on page artifacts, script behavior and user device features. Tala policies are continuously updated as and when the website or web application is changed.

4. Data privacy & data leakage prevention

While other client-side attacks such as Magecart capture most of the headlines, no attack is more widespread than Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) but 97% of websites are using dangerous JavaScript functions that could serve as injection points to initiate a DOM XSS attack.

5. AI-powered analytics

Once the Tala policies are deployed, each user device (mobile or PC) that connects to the Tala-protected website, receives all the Tala protection policies. Tala policies monitor the behavior of first and third-party content and code as they are executed on the client device. Tala applies advanced analytics, machine learning and heuristics on the telemetry received from client devices. Combined with threat intelligence, the application information model and integrity checks from client devices, this provides visibility into the app layer attack surface and identifies remediation mechanisms.

Control Risk. Manage Trust.

A data breach can wipe as much as 7.2% of a company's share price: up to $32.3M for US companies or around £8.8M for UK-listed companies.


Magecart attacks on online retailers and banks increased by 20% during the pandemic.
Web applications were involved in 43% of breaches in 2019; 37% used or stole credentials.
The average cost of a breach in 2019 was $3M per organization, with lost business accounting for 36% of the cost.

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